United Way's Century Cabinet honors our living past presidents and chairs of our Board of Directors and Campaigns for their contributions. Each of the following people have been instrumental in helping our organization to advance its mission, and they have helped United Way prepare for our future in collaboration, innovation and community fundraising.
Kenneth Bell
2003 Campaign Chair
          Barbara Kelley
1993 Board Chair
Paul W. Briggs
1985-1986 Board Chair, 1980 Campaign Chair
  David Klein
2003 Board Chair
James Brush
2008 Campaign Chair
  Roger Kober
1995 Board Chair, 1993 Campaign Chair
Daniel Burns
2017 Board Chair, 2014 Campaign Chair
  Joseph M. Lobozzo II
1998-2000 Board Chair
Mary Ellen Burris
2001 Board Chair
  Faheem Masood
2018 Campaign Chair
Joseph Calabrese
1987-2005 President & CEO
  Ted Moore
1972-1987 President & CEO
Essie Calhoun-McDavid
2011 Campaign Chair
  Martin Mucci
2016 Campaign Chair
Carl Carballada
1997 Board Chair, 1990 & 2001 Campaign Chair
  Dennis Mullen
2006 Campaign Chair
Peter Carpino
2005-2015 President & CEO
  Edward Pettinella
2006-2007 Board Chair, 2004 Campaign Chair
Jerry Carr
1996 Campaign Chair
  William W. Richardson
2000 Board Chair, 1999 Campaign Chair
Lauren Dixon & Mike Schwabl
2015 Campaign Chairs
  Robert Sands
2012 Campaign Chair
David Fiedler
2003 Board Chair
  Joel Seligman
2013 Campaign Chair
VanBuren N. Hansford, Jr.
1991 Board Chair
  Robert T. Silkett
1984 Campaign Chair
Samuel T. & Peggy Hubbard
2011 Board Chair and 2005 Campaign Chairs
              Amy Tait
2008-2009 Board Chair
Raymond Isaac
2017 Campaign Chair
  Colleen Wegman
2014-2016 Board Chair, 2010 Campaign Chair
Frederick C. Jefferson, Jr.
1990 Board Chair
  Daniel R. Wegman
1988 Campaign Chair
Jonathan Judge
2008 Campaign Chair
  Fran Weisberg
2015-2017 President & CEO
Thomas Judson
2007 Campaign Chair
  Mary-Frances Winters
1994 Campaign Chair