To complement our work in providing three-year Impact Grants, United Way is building out a dynamic line of support that is nimble and responsive to immediate and emerging community needs.



STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS   To support cross-cutting initiatives  in the community, including  collective impact efforts and  community collaborations.    Helps our region to work together on complex social issues that cannot be solved by one sector or organization alone.    Click here to learn more 
SOCIAL INNOVATION   To catalyze innovative social and cultural change efforts that support human development and self- sufficiency for the people we serve.    Provides small, targeted grants to help social entrepreneurs attract additional funding and develop scalable advances in our core  impact areas.   Funding to begin 2022 - more information coming soon! 
NEIGHBORHOOD   To provide resources to engage, organize and mobilize residents and community members in individual communities to create a shared vision, strengthen collective capacities,  identify issues and priorities, and  lead in creating localized change  within their own communities.    Provides multi-faceted, place- based support for low-income  neighborhoods working to create and improve stable, thriving areas to live.   Funding to begin 2022 - more information coming soon! 
SYNERGY   To help our nonprofit partners explore connections to improve efficiency  and better serve their clients and  our community.    Offers technical assistance and implementation support for mergers and affiliations.   Click here to learn more
CRISIS RESPONSE   To be nimble, flexible and ready  to support when our community experiences a crisis.    Gives immediate, one-time grants to organizations and groups working to support our community when a crisis occurs.    More information coming soon! 

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